Software Solutions Division

Win a FREE One-Year Program License

Date: 04/04/07

Innovative Productus LLC


Thatís right!† We are asking for you to email us your favorite program modification for review by us.† We will review all the submissions, and incorporate as many as we can into the next software release.† We will select the top three submissions, based on usability and demand.† The three annual winners will receive their next yearís program license FREE, up to a $250.00 value!† If you have a big show, and are paying more than $250.00 per year, you will get a $250.00 credit towards your next yearís license fees.††


For those that are not into doing the modifications yourselves, you can participate in a similar contest!† Email us your specific ideas for a specific improvement, and you may qualify for your next yearís license Free as well.† This will be a much more subjective contest, with no set amount of winners.† But if your enabling suggestion is a great one, we will reward you...its that simple.†