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FREE tools, such as nationwide calendars for your type of events, as well as dealer lists to help you fill your shows.

Product Summary

· Main benefits: FREE

· Keep track of other show dates

· Find new dealers for your show

· You can update lists online

· You can export the lists to your computer

· You can customize downloaded lists

· Lists are compatible with paid software

Price: FREE

These FREE products are offered to you as a way to help make your shows easier to manage potential dealers and potential show dates.  The vision is to make it easy for dealers to find shows, and make it easy for show chairpersons to find dates for their shows. Obviously, industry participation in these spreadsheets is needed to populate the lists.  You can do your part by adding your information.  If your industry could use a customized spreadsheet, please contact us via email and we will make a version that will greatly help your industry.

To view the FREE spreadsheets, please go to and find sheets that benefit your industry, or click on the links to the right.  The password to get into the secure spreadsheets are “showchair” all lowercase with no spaces or parenthesis. These spreadsheets are hosted by EditGrid, and are not on With the EditGrid format, you can export a spreadsheet to your local Excel program and easily keep a copy and customize as you see fit. Then check back in every so often to copy and paste only the newest entries to keep your local list up to date.

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Phone: 1-888-INØVATE  (888-460-8283) Toll Free Phone

Cell: 1-608-921-0206 is the best way to get a hold of us

Fax: 1-888-INØVATE  (888-460-8283)

E-mail: david at showchair. com  (replace the “ at “ , including spaces, with the @ symbol)

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